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Boiled Wool Wine JLW0024WINE

£ 12.00

Discover the unmatched warmth and texture of our Boiled Wool Fabric. Created through a unique boiling process, this fabric offers a dense, felted feel that is both exceptionally soft and cozy. With its natural insulating properties and a range of elegant colors, our Boiled Wool Fabric is ideal for crafting stylish and comfortable outerwear, accessories, and more. Experience the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and sophistication with this timeless fabric.

Washing Instructions. Manufacturer says: A gentle cold-to-lukewarm bath (an actual bath would be good where it can spread out and not need moving about much) with a specific wool wash. Avoid agitation or wringing. Carefully rinse and roll and press in a towel to remove excess water. We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.

100% boiled wool

140cm wide

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